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Clwyd Veteran & Vintage Machinery Society Ltd

SAFETY / GEN INFO - Safety Is No Accident!

All Exhibitors Must Comply With The Following Rules:

  1. Abide by any decision made by the Steward in charge of their section at all times.

  2. Exhibitors are asked not to arrive at the Show Field before the Friday of the Show weekend to allow officials sufficient time to lay out the venue.

  3. Exhibitors will at all times be under the direction of the Section Stewards and Safety Officers of the CVVMS Ltd.

  4. Owing to Safety Regulations no space is guaranteed adjacent to the exhibit for camping purposes.

  5. Items for sale must not be sold or displayed in the exhibit area.

  6. Road going vehicles and other mobile exhibits must have appropriate insurance cover for this type of event. A copy of proof of a valid insurance must be available for inspection at the show.

  7. Anyone driving vehicles on the site of the Show must have a relevant valid licence and insurance.

  8. All vehicles on the Show ground must display the appropriate pass.

  9. All exhibits must be in position by 10.00 am and remain until 5.00 pm on the Saturday & 4.30pm on the Sunday to qualify for a plaque. Between these hours there will be no movement of exhibits (or private vehicles) other than to and from the Parade Ring, or as otherwise directed by the Section Steward.

  10. Late arrivals will be directed to the PUBLIC CAR PARK pending the decision of the Organisers.

  11. Exhibitors are responsible for leaving their area in a clean condition.

  12. Entry forms are to be returned to the appropriate Section Steward (see Section Stewards List ) together with a STAMPED SELF-ADDRESSED ENVELOPE.

*Please note that a neat and well laid out description of your entry placed near or on your exhibit when displaying it is much appreciated by a large percentage of the General Public.

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